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Estilo Living

Boho Rattan Decorative Wall Mirror by Estilo Living

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$169.95 USD

Fulfilled by our friends at Estilo Living

Bring a taste of the East into your home with the Boho Rattan Decorative Wall Mirror. With it's stylish, yet authentic Indonesian rattan design, this mirror is the perfect finishing touch for any Boho home décor setting. Especially useful in small living spaces, such as apartments, Tiny Homes, or other compact houses, when strategically positioned to create the illusion of depth, which will ultimately accentuate the size of your rooms, making them feel much bigger. With the timeless appeal of the traditional boho and rattan looks all rolled into one, this mirror will add a stylish elegance to your home, effortlessly bringing your walls to life.

Set into a beautifully designed and environmentally friendly Natural Wooden frame, this mirror comes equipped with an eye catching Rattan weave inlay to complete the overall Boho look and feel. With the ability to be either hung on the wall or rested on top of a shelf or dresser, this mirror is extremely versatile and will cater to any space, no matter the size - perfect for the hall, entryway, bedroom, bathroom or living room.


Installation: To hang on your wall, first locate a load-bearing wall-stud to insure that the hook will have the correct load-bearing capacity. Once located, install either a hook or screw with by drilling. Once completed, carefully test the screw or hook first before adding any weight, making sure that it will be able to adequately hold the mirror's weight.

Size: 60cm (Diameter) x 2.5cm (Thickness) / 23.62" (D) x 0.98" (T)