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Estilo Living

Mini Bird Portable Humidifier with Night Light by Estilo Living

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Fulfilled by our friends at Estilo Living

The Mini Bird Portable Humidifier with Night Light is easy to use and so handy to take anywhere with you. Such as the car, travelling, and at work. Using ultrasonic technology, the Portable Humidifier and Diffuser will gently fill the room with an aromatic mist so you can enjoy all the benefits of aromatherapy fragrance without the risk of flame burners. The Humidifier also features a night light and re-chargeable USB port for easy use.

  • UBS Powered and run.
  • Includes night light feature.
  • Can add essential oil to water to create diffuser.
  • Creates humidification, purify the dirty air in the confined space.
  • Effectively moisturizes your dry skin and throat.
  • The length is adjustable.
  • Can be used in a water bottle or glass.
  • Small and portable.
  • Silent humidification.


Humidification Method: Mist Discharge

Water-shortage Power-off Protection: Yes

Function: Ultrasonic Sterilize

Spray quantity: 50ml/h

Input voltage: DC5V

Input current: MAX 600mA

Power: 3w

Humidity Control: Manual

1. Press the startup button to enter the direct injection mode, and the indicator light will be on (white light).

2. Click again to switch to intermittent mode.

3. Long press for 2 seconds to turn on or off lights (LED lights are white).

4. Press shutdown again to turn off the indicator light.

5. The USB is the power supply, plug into port to charge the humidifier and use.

Power Type: USB

Product size: 23.8cm × 6.2cm × 4.5cm


Setting of two working modes:

Direct injection mode (automatic power off after continuous working for 4 hours)

Intermittent mode (every 5 seconds, spray 5 seconds, continuous operation for 6 hours automatic power off)