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Estilo Living

Traditional Japanese Ceramic Dinnerware Collection by Estilo Living

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Fulfilled by our friends at Estilo Living

Bring home a true taste of the East with the stunning Traditional Japanese Ceramic Dinnerware Collection. With it's range of unique pieces, each finished with authentic Japanese patterns and color schemes, this set is sure to impress even the most discerning guest at your next dinner party. Perfect for serving any type of Japanese or Asian cuisine, while completely transforming your dining space at a moment's notice.

Choose from six different and unique dinnerware pieces which seamlessly come together to create this striking collection, including a small Rice Bowl, medium-sized Noodle Bowl, and large Ramen Bowl, all of which are paired with matching Teacups, Spoons, and Chopstick Stands.

Made from the highest quality Ceramic Porcelain, which makes each piece hard-wearing and durable, and will keep this ceramic dinnerware set looking new for longer. The various textures and colors have been created using Traditional Japanese techniques, giving an authentic look and feel which will definitely draw the eye.

Each piece in this porcelain dinnerware set is sold separately, and available in four different traditional color schemes and patterns, giving you the opportunity to choose only those pieces which suit your personal needs, style, and tastes, and which will compliment your home décor setting while creating a truly authentic experience each and every time you dine.



  • Made from the highest quality Ceramic Porcelain.
  • Each piece is finished with an authentic Japanese look and feel.
  • Collection is made up of 6 different and unique dinnerware pieces.
  • Hard-wearing and durable, making each piece look new for longer.
  • Available in 4 different traditional color schemes and patterns.
  • Each piece from this collection is sold separately. 

Size Guide:

Rice Bowl (300ml): 11cm (Diameter) x 6cm (Height) / 4.3"(D) x 2.4"(H).

Noodle Bowl (850ml): 15.5cm (Diameter) x 8cm (Height) / 6.1"(D) x 3.1"(H).

Ramen Bowl (1400ml): 20.5cm (Diameter) x 9cm (Height) / 8.1"(D) x 3.5"(H).

Tea Cup (150ml): 8cm (Diameter) x 5.5cm (Height) / 3.1"(D) x 2.2"(H).

Spoon: 14cm (Length) x 4cm (Width) / 5.5"(L) x 1.6"(W).

Chopstick Stand: 5.5cm (Length) x 3cm (Width) x 2.1cm (Height) / 2.2"(L) x 1.2"(W) x 0.8"(H).

Note: Please see product images for visual Size and Capacity guides.